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Muffler Repair in Dartmouth, NS

A Professional Muffler Repair Shop in Nova Scotia

Your vehicle’s exhaust system, from the manifold to the catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, muffler and tailpipe, is designed to safely and quietly route the exhaust from your engine to the atmosphere. Each vehicle has a different exhaust system; commuter cars tend to be whisper quiet, while sports cars produce a throaty bellow.

Over time the exhaust system can show signs of aging. This is typically the result of oxidation from exhaust condensation or wet roads. Suddenly, your commuter belches like a bomber, or your truck sounds 10 times bigger than it really is. When you need a professional muffler repair shop to handle your vehicle’s issues, Chad Kennedy’s Autopro in Dartmouth has the solution.

Exceptional Muffler Repair Technicians at Your Service

Here at Chad Kennedy’s Autopro, our technicians are not only ASE Certified, but they also care about our environment. A thorough inspection of your exhaust system will identify the cause of any excessive noise or emissions you’re experiencing. We’ll give you an honest appraisal of your vehicle’s exhaust needs, whether a gasket, spot-weld, new pipe or specific muffler repair is the answer.

Ever since we opened for business in 1998, our technicians have utilized only OEM and quality aftermarket parts for all muffler repairs. In the end, Chad Kennedy’s Autopro stands behind all our muffler repair work with a 2-year/40,000-kilometer warranty.

Count on the expertise of Chad Kennedy’s Autopro in Dartmouth, NS for muffler repairs on a wide range of vehicle makes.

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